Australian Bush Flower Essences clear energetic blocks, so you can access your intuition, achieve your purpose and connect with your higher self.

As an Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner, I’ve developed these special blends to help you solve the problems that are holding you back and live your best life yet.

Positive Energy Spray

What it does:

Shields you from negative energy

Creates a positive, uplifting environment

Repairs holes in your auric field

Why you need it:

Energy is contagious, which means we’re all deeply affected by other people’s moods and emotions. But even if we surround ourselves with love and light, it’s impossible to avoid negative people and situations altogether. Unfortunately, negative energy can leave you feeling drained and off-kilter, particularly if you’re sensitive or empathetic by nature. Even worse, repeated exposure can damage your aura, making you more prone to illness, injury and personal setbacks.

How it works:

This bespoke blend includes Boab, Fringed Violet and Red Lily to raise your vibration and mend your aura. It will diffuse negativity and leave you feeling calm, uplifted and present.

How to use it:

Spray it in a room whenever you feel drained by someone’s anger, aggression or negativity. Use it before stressful meetings, after arguments or whenever you experience a difficult situation.

Detox Support Blend

What it does:

Supports physical and emotional cleansing

Leaves you feeling lighter, healthier and more energised

Boosts your immune system and organ function

Why you need it:

If you’re feeling tired, heavy and sluggish, it’s important to give your body a break. But while detoxing has many health benefits, it can also be challenging - physically and emotionally. This bespoke blend supports your detox journey, acting like an internal brush to cleanse your system and flush out waste, particularly from the large intestine.

What it does:

This bespoke blend includes Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea and Wild Potato Bush to take you from feeling weighed down, resentful and sluggish to healthy and refreshed. People who use this blend report feeling lighter, cleaner and more energised.

How to use it:

Take seven drops under the tongue, morning and night.

Speaker’s Blend

What it does:

Calms nerves and boosts confidence

Provides support during interviews, public speaking engagements, auditions and performances

Gives the voice a richer timbre

Why you need it:

If you’re afraid of public speaking or experience anxiety during presentations, you’ll know how distressing it can be. But not only is this phobia painful and embarrassing, it can seriously hurt your career and make it difficult for you to reach your full potential. The Speaker’s Blend is the perfect antidote, reducing performance anxiety and calming unwanted nerves. It will help you speak more confidently in front of a crowd, stay grounded and switched-on under pressure, and give your voice richer, more authoritative tone.

How it works:

This bespoke blend includes Crowea, Bush Fuchsia and Sundew to alleviate fear and balance the left and right sides of your brain, so you’ll be more focused and alert.

How to use it:

Start the day before your presentation, interview or event, and take as needed whenever you feel any nerves or anxiety. Take another dose immediately before the event.

Abundance Spray

What it does:

Attracts abundance and good fortune

Supports your manifestation abilities

Clears negative karma, victim mentality and money blocks

Why you need it:

We all want more abundance in our lives, but sometimes our subconscious beliefs get in the way and stop us from achieving our true desires. If you’ve ever dreamed of financial wealth, a richer social life or a more fulfilling career, this blend is for you.

How it works:

A combination of Boab, Christmas Bell and Southern Cross will reset your karma, fill you with a sense of gratitude, and help you to create abundance in all areas of your life.

How to use it:

Spray it on your wallet, your cash register or anywhere you want to attract more wealth or good fortune. Use as needed.  

Emergency Essence Blend

What it does:

Helps to alleviate stress and keep you calm

Supports you through challenging situations

Protects your aura

Why you need it:

Modern life is full of pressures, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with stress, anxiety or overwhelm. The Emergency Essence Blend is designed to keep you calm in the face of adversity, whether you’re just feeling a bit frazzled or experiencing a major trauma.

How it works: This blend (developed by Australian Bush Flower Essence founder Ian White) includes Dog Rose of the Wild Forces and Waratah to bring peace and harmony back into your life.

How to use it:

Use the blend whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Take as needed.

Personalised blends

In addition to the products listed above, I also offer personalised bush flower essence blends for people and animals. This is a great option if you have specific concerns that you want addressed.

During a one-on-one consultation, we will discuss your individual challenges so I can match the flower essences to your precise energetic needs. Setting forth the intention that we determine in our session, I will then tune into the essences that want to come together for you - each blend is completely unique and attuned to your energy.

When your blend is complete, the bottle is given a label printed with a positive affirmation crafted for you and infused with the healing energy of Reiki. This balance is further enhanced by the healing sounds of my crystal bowl; the vibration of the resulting blend is truly magical and can transform your life.

For a one-on-one consultation, please contact me directly.

Frequently asked questions

Are Australian bush flower essences the the same as essential oils?

No. While there are benefits to both treatments, Australian bush flower essences are more effective because they contain a flower’s unique vibrational healing properties and can treat emotional and physical issues on a more subtle level. Australian bush flower essences are also self-adjusting, meaning that your body will only use the vibrational healing qualities as needed. In contrast, essential oils are made up of highly concentrated aromatic plant residues and primarily work through our olfactory senses.

Who can use your blends?

My blends are safe and effective for adults and children from birth.

Can animals benefit from your blends?

Yes, in fact many of my clients have four paws! My blends are incredibly effective for dogs and cats experiencing stress, anxiety and other behavioural issues.

Do your blends contain alcohol?

Yes, my blends use springwater and a small amount of brandy as a preservative. However, non-alcoholic blends can be made on request.

What kind of environment are your blends made in?

As an Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner and Reiki Master, each flower essence blend is lovingly created in a special ritual. The formulation room for my essences is a sacred space, and is protected by a crystal grid which ensures the sanctity of the room.  

Do I need to see you in person for a one-on-one consultation?

No, An Australian Bush Flower Essence consultation can be done in person or by distance (with the blend to be posted to you).

Do I need to do anything or believe in anything to make the blends work?

No, just use as instructed and the blends will work their magic all by themselves, regardless of whether you believe in their powers or not. The more you use them, the more you’ll notice the positive impact they have on your life.

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